I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, … just an “ordinary person” like most of you.  😉  I have two almost-grown daughters, and my husband is a former Marine.  I come from a large family, and family is very important to me.  Being a mother is, of course, my most challenging and rewarding role.  My daughters are my world!  🙂

I am also an educator and recently resigned my position of 11 years as a teacher in an urban public school district in the South.  I LOVED my students, but I am currently rather disillusioned with the educational system.  I am now tutoring students of all ages in English language arts (reading, writing, and grammar).

Additionally, I am one of many adults living with ADHD, depression, and anxiety.  They are a big part of who I am, and every day is a test to see how well I manage my symptoms.  Will I be the master of my mind, or will it master me? I pray for the former while often dealing with the latter.

Join me as I blog about this adventure called LIFE…